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NY Renaissance Hotshot Fundraiser

The goal of this fundraiser is to provide our middle school kids with the opportunity to raise money for extra initiatives and additional tournament/gear costs.  While we are a Nike sponsored and funded program, fundraisers still serve as benefactors for the kids because it teaches them that if you want something you have to earn it and work towards it.

At times there are tournaments that pop up that teams opt out of because they are expensed out, or they can't afford the travel and lodge fees.  Even more so, sometimes more gear may be desired beyond what Nike and the Renaissance can provide, and fundraising extra funds would cover team sneakers, uniforms, etc.

All in all, besides helping out the specific players' team, 50% of the donation gets split up between RENS education and the orange patch initiative to continue promoting and advocating for gun safety and awareness about gun violence issues in our society.

Please support the kids in our program, and help them make this initiative a success, by pledging a specific dollar amount to their total score in the contest, OR, making a one-time donation to the team or Renaissance organization.

GIVING ZONE DONATION WEBSITE - where all pledges and donations will be processed!